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Desert SafariDesert Safaris with jeep or camel

With us you can book a desert trip with jeep or camel at any time.
We organize desert trips for you along the coast or inland - if desired with overnight accommodation.

The safaris always offer a mixture of culture, nature, religion and adventure to you. Dessert safari, Canyon trekking, overnight accommodation in the tent or in Bedouin camps, Wadi trekking, camel ride and of course diving stands on the program. Your luggage can be stored in the hotel during the safari.

Bedouins prepare for you at the campfire simple, but nutritious meals during the whole Safari.

A desert safari is one of the last possible adventures in our time. The route guaranties you deep views of the origins of the oriental culture and the varied landscape. Routes by the desert you should never do alone, but always with professional guides. With the attendance of the oasis you should bring special consideration to the inhabitants and not use their traditional hospitality.

Fascination desert

The "LaReine" Team organizes for you an individual one- or more day camel- and jeep-safaris in the deserts of Sinai. This program you can book directly in our hotel.

OasisOasis Ain Hudra

A spectacular trip to a large oasis deeply in the desert on the way to the St.Cathrine monastery. Attainable only with the 4-wheel jeep. 1 hour asphalt-road, 2-3 hours difficult sand track, stay approx.. 2 hours. Way back through another valley

Or through the White Canyon. 1 hour of taxi travel, 1 hour camel ride, 1,5 hours climbs by the Canyon, 1-3 hours break in the oasis Hudra, 0,5 hours camel ride by another valley, 20 minutes on foot, 1 hour camel ride up to the taxi.

St. Catherine monastery & Moses mountain

Taxi to the monastery - opened 9,00 - 12,00 o'clock, except Friday 11:00 - 12:00 o'clock, Closed at Sunday and all orthodox holidays.

Trekking on the Moses- respectively Sinai mountain possible - 3 hr. arduous ascent either along the camel path or the 6666 steps. In order to arrive punctual to the sunrise, the ascent is also possible at night. However only with torque.

WadiColored Canyon

One daytrip per taxi / Pick-up, 2 hours travel, stay in the colored Canyon approx. 2 hours.

Wadi Kid / Wadi Nasseb

1 or 2 day trips into one of Bedouin inhabited, original oasis. 0.5 hours. Asphalt road, 2 hours jeep tour, 1 hr. trekking, stay 2 hr. or over night

Camel Safari to the ruins of the Nawamis graves

1 hour taxi travel, meet the Bedouins there, saddle the camels, then approx. 2.5 hr. ride by the Sinai dessert and mountains. Stay at the Nawamis ruins approx. 2 hrs. small snack, with fresh baked bread, cheese, tunafish-salat, Bedouin tea. Approx. the same way back on the "desert ship".

Wadi GunaiNational park Nabq

The Nabq national park is situated 35 km north of Sharm el Sheikh. The area covers more than 600 sqrkm.

This unique landscape accommodates 134 different plant types, different kinds of mammal e.g. gazelles and ibex, as well as numerous reptiles and insects. The large existence of Mangroves at the gulf of Aqaba and the dune landscape at the Wadi Kid are remarkable. Snorkelling is possible. Daily travel with the jeep or the Pick-up.

Wadi Gunai

Half day jeep or camel tour to the oasis in the mountains (5 km) south. Small lunch (fresh Bedouin bread with cheese and tomato salad)